Harney Management Partners stresses – and its clients rightfully expect – the best results possible given the circumstances provided.

To that end, HMP employs innovative, pragmatic strategies and hard work. We recognize that our effectiveness depends greatly on close coordination with our clients and other stakeholders. HMP’s professionals regularly meet with clients to set objectives, including developing budgets for professional time and major expense items. HMP initiates periodic review sessions with its clients to measure progress against objectives to ensure that the clients’ objectives and needs are being met. Depending upon the circumstances of the engagement, HMP has been an innovator in working with clients to develop mutually beneficial alternatives to our standard fee structure.

HMP bases its commitment to client service on developing an intimate knowledge of each client’s needs and objectives. HMP seeks a partnering relationship with its clients, to the end of providing the best total solution for the client’s financial and operational needs. HMP’s goal is to be an instrumental part of each client’s success.

We recognize that each engagement is different so we offer a scalable range of services and fee arrangements to adapt to any situation.

Our involvement ranges from a minor support role to coach management through specifically identified issues, up to and including fully leading all aspects of company operations by serving as the Chief Restructuring Officer, another officer position, or on the Board of Directors. We similarly have the flexibility to design a fee arrangement that best suits the particular situation and aligns the interests of the parties, whether that be on an hourly basis, project basis, reduced hourly with a success fee, an initial retainer plus a success fee, or solely a success fee basis.