Mr. Jackson brings more than 26 years of experience throughout a broad range of accounting and finance challenges. He has served in staff through partner roles in public accounting firms — regional, Big 8 and his own — with stints in each of the audit, tax and consulting disciplines. He has served as finance and IT leader for a closely-held group of 21 companies as they grew from $11 million to $43 million in annual revenue. He also served in a variety of high-profile roles (known collectively as the CFO’s “SWAT” team or troubleshooter) while helping an INC 500 company grow from $27 million to $305 million in annual revenue.

Along the way, he became known for his ability to quickly grasp large amounts of data and connect the dots between accounting details and business strategy. Mr. Jackson has historically attained significant gains in productivity when he is teamed with sales, production and other operating leaders of an organization.

A clear pattern is evident as to how these gains were achieved: (a) the team quickly distilled large amounts of data into a handful of key drivers or departmental results; (b) relentlessly focused on those key drivers which led to simplification of processes and achievement of goals; and (c) trending the daily metrics of those key drivers enabled much-improved forecasting and early warning capabilities. These skills developed previously in his career working within various organizations, helps form the perfect skill set for his consulting practice with Harney Partners.

Productivity gains of 70% to over 100% were documented in such varied situations as fiberglass manufacturing, amusement park ride manufacturing, sales organizations (twice), health-care billing and collections organizations (twice).

Mr. Jackson has also shown a flair for detecting embezzlement schemes and other improper activities which exploited weaknesses in a company’s internal controls. His investigations have directly led to the recovery of embezzled funds, as well as improved profitability.

Developing team members and subordinates into leaders in their own right is another talent which contributes to the success of Mr. Jackson’s practice. Team members see him as a model of optimism, integrity and “coachability”.

In addition to the activities described above, Mr. Jackson has varied interest and life experiences. He has authored three books; served as an Army-wide instructor in infantry use of anti-tank missiles; testified before Congress in 1981 regarding feasibility of a plan to make Social Security solvent; and was publicly cited by Major League Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth for contributing suggestions which helped mediate a players’ strike in 1985.

Mr. Jackson received a B. A. in German with the Certificate in Commerce (equivalent of 2nd major in Business Administration and Accounting) from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, and has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1979.