Sales and marketing plans do not need to be complex to be successful. Our approach to working with a client is to have both a short-term and long-term plan.  The success of any plan lies not only in the strategy and tactics chosen, but in the ability to implement the plan and measure the results. Timely and meaningful measurement is key to any project.

If you are currently operating without a solid plan, consider the following short-term plan to integrate your sales and marketing efforts.

The short-term plan will need to aggressively focus and target specific market segments for both regional and national accounts. A key component of the plan will be developing tools to leverage short-term sales and marketing initiatives with the tactics and strategies that will also support the long-term objective for growth. Sales should be looking for ways to maintain current customers and identify new growth opportunities within these accounts. This is a sales path which can effectively provide quick revenue with many companies and it is often overlooked in the pursuit of finding the next new customer. Marketing can play an important role with existing customers by providing additional touch points.


The tactics and strategies must effectively integrate across both short and long-term objectives to ensure a highly effective ROI is achieved. These tactics and strategies must also have a component of measurement to determine the on-going direction and success. Sales and Marketing Directors must cohesively work together to define the short and long-term plan with goals and objectives. Marketing needs to help sales in defining the new market segments to ensure they can effectively penetrate and market in these new segments. It is important to have the right sales structure and target accounts, but marketing must deliver the value differentiator message along with tactics and support tools. The company needs to compete on its value proposition and not become driven by price. Marketing will need to ensure they have a good value proposition for each market segment and ensure an alignment with the sales message.

For more information about developing short and longer term plans, please give us a call and ask for our Plan On A Page HMP copyright Docuement