Harney Management Partners has an uncommon depth of experience with respect to insolvency proceedings. While many other firms may have a general working knowledge of bankruptcy and receivership proceedings, HMP’s principals have been in involved in hundreds of bankruptcy and receivership proceedings.

During this time, our team has been selected to serve as:

  • Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Financial Advisor to the Debtor
  • Chapter 11 Operating Trustee
  • Chapter 11 Post-Confirmation Trustee
  • State Court Receiver
  • Court-Appointed Manager
  • Advisor to Trustees, Receivers and Examiners
  • Sole Member and Director of Debtor
  • Independent Board Member and Advisor to Insolvent Entity Outside of Bankruptcy
  • Chairman, Creditor Committee of International Insolvency Proceeding

Debtor Services:

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning to identify purpose and strategy for filing
  • Fully examine and document all realistic scenarios prior to filing a voluntary petition
  • Negotiation and development of Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization or out-of-court workout
  • Maintain negotiating relationship with lenders and other creditors
  • Arrange DIP financing
  • Preparation of financial projections
  • Preparation of liquidation analyses
  • Consult on key employee retention and other bankruptcy-specific issues
  • Liquidation of non-essential assets

Creditor Services:

  • Representation of Lender’s interests
  • Evaluation of Debtor’s business plan and/or Plan of Reorganization on behalf of creditor constituency
  • Preparation of independent financial projections
  • Preparation of independent liquidation analyses
  • Representation of Creditor’s Committee’s interests (secured or unsecured)
  • Collateral review
  • Inventory review and testing
  • Accounts receivable review and testing
  • Accounts payable review and testing
  • Real property evaluation
  • Analysis of intangible assets