The core discipline of Harney Management Partners (HMP) was founded in 1991. Since that time, the principals of HMP have provided specialized expertise to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations across the United States by providing the necessary experience, energy and resources to supplement existing management.

Client companies understand their specific businesses and individual markets. HMP understands how to add value and create positive change.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Operational Advisory
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Marketing Services

Today, health and human services organizations are acutely aware of the tension between the increase in operating costs and the decrease in funding sources. HMP has a proven strategic process for working with management to review both the effectiveness and financial viability of each service and program, which allows the organization to evaluate each against its overall mission, then restructure the organization around the most effective and sustainable activities. After the new, optimal service model is developed, the necessary administrative structure to support the revamped operations is determined.

Programs and services that no longer fit the mission, effectively serve the needs of the clients, or contribute to the financially stability of the organization can often be transitioned to other organizations. Great care is taken to maintain continuity of care.

Throughout, HMP works extensively with senior management, but also has exposure to those involved in the delivery of each service and program. Our process is collaborative and transparent. Given the high level of collaboration, senior management always knows the status of individual initiatives and the overall project.

HMP understands the higher calling of a social service organization that reaches beyond financial results. Our principals are personally involved in numerous not-for-profit social service agencies and foundations. We understand the necessary balance between missional aspirations and real-world constraints.


testimonialI was first introduced to HMP through a Lutheran Social Services CEO in another state who was very pleased with their services. After an initial meeting, it was clear to me that they understood what’s required in social services and how to deal with complex regulatory issues related to financial funded organizations.  They were effective in running a collaborative process with my management team and saved us valuable time to restructure our organization.

We needed a strategic and financial process to move us forward, ensuring our future as an organization stayed intact to support our missions and goals.

HMP has broad experience restructuring and improving the performance of many different types of social service organizations, and we of course know our specific business very well.

Aside from their technical restructuring skills, I’ve gotten a good sense of them as individuals, and they understand the missional heart that is required to run a social service agency.  They understand the need to balance the tension between the mission of our work and the real-world financial constraints of running an organization like ours.

I was very pleased with the value they provided and would recommend that any social services organization having issues to reach out to Harney Management Partners.

David Larson, CEO
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan