The financial viability of a company may require the sale of part, or all, of its assets. HMP has developed a successful niche surrounding strategic divestitures, both inside and outside of a court proceeding.

These prior successes have been recognized by numerous national, peer-reviewed awards affirming our transactional capabilities.
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We represent our clients in the planning and execution of strategic divestitures, while overseeing matters that arise out of the day-to-day operations of companies in transition. We work closely with our clients to define priorities for the transaction, develop appropriate support documentation, identify and contact potential buyers, and assist the principals in the negotiation and closing of the transaction.

The long-term success forecasted in a merger or acquisition often depends upon a well-designed consolidation project plan. HMP is experienced in the development and implementation of transition planning and project management. Understanding the dynamics of merging multiple business processes, information systems and organizational cultures is crucial to lasting success.

HMP has significant experience in developing innovative transactional solutions, both for companies experiencing crisis as well as those on solid footing. This experience includes not only the requisite financial analysis, but also the leadership and negotiation skills to manage all aspects of the transaction process.

Such responsibilities include:

  • Strategic sale assessment
  • Valuation of the assets or entity being sold
  • Venue choice (in or out of bankruptcy)
  • Identification of strategic buyers
  • Preparation of offering memorandum
  • Facilitation of due diligence by potential purchasers
  • Negotiation of stalking horse buyer
  • Analysis and valuation of competing offers
  • Negotiation of sale price and terms
  • On-going coordination with legal counsel regarding documentation and other issues up to and including closing