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A receiver can maximize value to achieve the best outcomes for stakeholders

Receivership services, or the appointment of an independent receiver, can be a flexible tool to manage and resolve a variety of challenging business scenarios. Whether dealing with a partnership dispute or dissolution, distressed real estate, or going-concern sale, our team can help maximize value while avoiding bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings.

Harney Partners understands that discipline, experience and integrity are all critical elements when stakeholders select a fiduciary such as a receiver. When appointed as State or Federal Court Receiver, we quickly assess all the elements of the business landscape to gain a full understanding of the participants’ perspectives while navigating the legal process—and leveraging our experience to deliver superior results to beneficiaries.

Our experience providing professional fiduciary services we deliver identifiable results and successful outcomes as a receiver in a variety of complex business and real estate scenarios. We are proficient in customary financial and operational engagements, and we can manage and monetize a wide variety of disparate assets while operating within the legal confines of the specific situation. Learn more in this receivership services video.

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