Troubled Company Advisory

HMP collaboratively advises client companies regarding the strategic and tactical operation of troubled companies to both direct and support the process of achieving a solid financial base while always maintaining focus on entity value.
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  Strategic Divestitures

M&A transactions conducted in a troubled company environment require a different set of skills and experiences and is an area that HMP has excelled for more than 20 years, both inside and outside of a court proceeding.
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  Insolvency Advisory

While other firms may have a general knowledge of bankruptcy and receivership matters, HMP has an uncommon depth of more than 20 years of full-time experience with respect to all types of insolvency proceedings.
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  Fiduciary Services

HMP regularly serves in court proceedings in various appointed positions such as Chapter 11 Trustee, Post-Confirmation Trustee, Receiver and Assignee, as well as other unique out-of-court appointed positions.
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  Sales & Marketing Advisory

Most restructuring firms effectively ignore a major tool that can provide much needed revenue and cash flow to both fund the turnaround efforts and extend the time available for those efforts to achieve the greatest success.
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  Asset Recovery Services

At the point when a decision is made to liquidate a company’s assets, things have obviously not gone according to plan, and that is not the time to introduce additional uncertainty by hiring a firm without the requisite experience.
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  Operational Advisory

HMP works with our clients to improve near-term operational performance and both bolster customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs, while leading the effort to develop a more sustainable long-term operating model.
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  Real Estate Solutions

HMP leverages both its internal experience as well as its nationwide network of affiliated real estate professionals to maximize the return on our client’s real estate assets, whether owned or leased.
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  Social Service Advisory

HMP has developed a special practice group to assist both for-profit and not-for-profit social service organizations to reimagine, restructure and revitalize their operations to add near-term value and create positive change.
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James E. Harney


Gregory S. Milligan, CTP

Executive Vice President

Mac Rowland

Managing Director

James Szczepanik

Managing Director

Alan Samsky, CTP, CPA

Managing Director

Brian Payne

Managing Director

Davis Jackson

Senior Consultant

Michael J. Garvey

Strategic Partner

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