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Led comprehensive assessment of the order to shipping process across all product families

A multi-site capital and process-intensive paper products company that provides quality paper for various print and converting customers was facing multiple challenges related to long lead times, efficiency issues, and turnover. Changes in product mix, leadership turnover, and complicated systems fueled a reactive problem-solving environment where the root-cause issues were not identified or fixed. This resulted in lower customer satisfaction through missed or late shipments, and a challenging work environment with excessive overtime, low productivity, and morale issues.

The Solution
Worked with a cross-functional team to identify product and process families along with performance characteristics for each.
Led multiple current state and future state value stream mapping events to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement.
Developed an improvement roadmap including 30/60/90 day and longer-term action plans with clear measures of success, people, and financial resources required for execution and timing.
The Results
Stabilized the order entry and production scheduling processes which led to improved customer service and on-time delivery.
Reduced turnover by involving people in the improvement efforts and encouraging engagement and accountability.
Developed key metrics to track and sustain progress.
Established a manage for daily improvement mindset and process that drove problem-solving closest to the point of cause which eliminate rework and quality issues.
Services & Roles
Process Optimization & Operations Advisory
Operational Analysis and Advisory
Operations Consulting
Value Stream Analysis
Facilitator and Improvement Coach
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