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Harney uncovered fraudulent transactions to support company’s litigation

A publicly traded Oil & Gas Company discovered that their Chief Operating Officer may have been engaged in transactions that could be considered conflicts of interest as well as other acts of wrongdoing while employed with the company. In anticipation of litigation, it was determined by outside counsel that an independent investigation be performed. ​

The Solution
Harney was engaged to perform a forensic accounting analysis and compilation of findings, and to identify potential related party transactions and conflicts of interest. ​
At the direction of outside counsel, Harney performed a 6-month fraud investigation, including an analysis of all accounting and financial records ​
We also conducted interviews of employees, verified vendor information and reviewed electronic communication. ​
The Results
The Harney team provided a comprehensive report of findings that included evidence of conflicts of interest and inappropriate related party transactions, including bogus vendors and rate structures. ​
The Company used the information and filed charges against the accused parties. ​
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