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Optimized financial function and reporting enabling sale of company for significant returns

A private equity owned manufactured of tissue paper products had its CFO resign unexpectedly and needed an immediate replace. Company was facing operational and financial challenges as well as meeting the financial reporting requirements of the private equity firm. Company was in need of short-term cash management, so a 13-week cash flow was developed. In addition, operations issues impacting financial reporting had been identifies that required the CFO to participate with the management team in identifying and implementing operational solutions. ​

The Solution
A member of the Harney team was hired as the interim CFO with responsibility for all financial areas of the Company including the preparation of 13-week cash flow forecasts, annual budgets, and worked with the management team to identify and implement process improvements. ​
Explained to the management team the impact to the financial statements of operational issues including production process and inventory management.​
Developed 13-week cash flow​
Successfully integrated the financial reporting of the acquired company. ​
Identified key manufacturing processes that improved financial results.​
Oversaw the acquisition and integration for financial reporting purposes a processor of raw paper
The Results
Private equity firm sold the Company realizing a significant profit on its investment​
Services & Roles
Interim Management
Interim CFO for a manufacturer of tissue paper from recycled paper​
*Some engagements may have been performed by team prior to joining Harney Partners.