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November 6, 2023
Is Refinancing Really the Answer?

During the last forty years, first as an asset-based lender and later as a restructuring professional, I have observed many economic cycles and seen the impact those cycles have on…Read More

June 17, 2021
Harney Partners Helps to Pioneer Unique Benefits of New Bankruptcy Rules

Situation: Harney Partners was retained for bankruptcy consulting by serial entrepreneur who was facing the triggering of large personal guarantees on real estate leases and mortgages related to a chain…Read More

June 10, 2021
Event Recap Slides: Economic Update from TMA Southwest Regional Conference

Harney Partners recently sponsored the keynote speaker of the TMA  Southwest Regional Conference held in San Antonio, TX.  Keith Phillips, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, presented…Read More

May 29, 2021
On-Demand Webinar: The Future of Real Estate after COVID-19

Learn About The Future of Real Estate after COVID-19 TMA Central Texas hosted a panel in which Harney Partners’ Greg Milligan moderated a panel to discuss the real estate challenges…Read More

April 9, 2021
On-Demand Webinar: 30 Things to Think About Before You File for Ch. 11

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Panel Harney Partner’s Greg Milligan joined an esteemed panel at the State of Texas Bankruptcy Bench Bar Conference to discuss “30 Things to Consider Before You File a…Read More

February 25, 2021
On-Demand Webinar: Lender Panel – COVID’s Impact and Looking to the Future

Lender Panel 2021: COVID’s Impact and Looking to the Future TMA Central Texas hosted a special webinar on February 25, 2021 featuring a panel of lenders that discussed their perspectives…Read More

February 8, 2021
Preventing Corporate Fraud: 4 Things You Should Know

The Key Contributors to Corporate Fraud and How to Mitigate Risk Fraud is pervasive in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Aside from the Nigerian Prince email where…Read More

January 18, 2021
Managing Cashflow During a Pandemic and 13-week Cash Flow

Is Cash Really King? Importance of 13-week Cash Flow Most of us talk-the-talk. Few of us walk-the-walk. I won’t spare you the speech on the importance of cash flow. We…Read More

December 5, 2020
Executing a Successful Business Turnaround Plan

Business turnaround specialists This is the third installment of a three-part series co-authored by Bill Patterson, CTP, CPA, CIRA, Erik White, CIRA and Greg Milligan, CTP of Harney Partners.  4…Read More

December 3, 2020
Retail Re-Sizing: There is no “one size fits all” solution for struggling chain retailers

The Wall Street Journal published an article in November highlighting the challenges of the current retail landscape. It points out that while closing stores is a common strategy for chain…Read More