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Bill Patterson, CTP, CIRA, CPA
Executive Vice President
Education & Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Baylor University 
Certified Insolvency & Restructuring Advisor 
Certified Turnaround Professional
Certified Public Accountant
Bill Patterson, CTP, CIRA, CPA
Executive Vice President

Bill has 35 years of experience providing financial advisory services to business stakeholders of organizations – including ten years with Big Four firms, plus experience as the CFO of both early-stage and middle-market companies. He has extensive experience navigating the complexities of recapitalization, bankruptcy, reorganization, and litigation issues. Additionally, Bill has broad experience in organizational and corporate governance and risk in the U.S and abroad. His industry expertise includes manufacturing; construction; consumer products; distribution and transportation; services; E&P; oil field services; retail; renewable energy; medical devices and equipment; and financial services.

At Harney Partners, Bill is an advisor to corporate stakeholders and companies experiencing a complex transition that are seeking financial and operational stabilization.

Representative Engagements
Restructuring and Financial Advisory
  • Independent Director, Water Purification Company: Acting as Independent Director for this manufacturer of capacitive deionization water filtration products, provided oversight as company improved performance and cash flow in preparation for sale process.
  • Financial Advisor, frac sand supplier: Engaged by frac sand mine and supplier to advise on business feasibility and options to reorganize the business following a drop-off of revenue.
  • Financial Advisor, oil field services company: Engaged by this chemical mixing and distribution company to enhance cash flow and operations. The Company was in forbearance with its senior lender. Following a period of improved performance, refinanced and recapitalized the business.
  • Financial Advisor, Logistics Automation Company: Acted in capacity as Financial Advisor in the reorganization for this distressed business that designs and installs intelligent logistic warehouse systems. Worked with Management to negotiate forbearance with existing lenders and identify alternative financing.
  • Financial Advisor, Transportation Company – Midwest: Acted in capacity as Financial Advisor for this $70 million courier business. Worked with Management to improve cash flow; identified alternative lenders; and replaced credit facility for a large national bank.
  • Financial Advisor, Retailer – confidential: Working with creditor of large regional bank, negotiated forbearance agreement and workout plan, monitored performance against budget, and introduced alternative sources of financing.
  • Financial Advisor, Liquidating Trustee, confidential: Provided financial advisory services to Liquidating Trustee. Performed preference analysis for payments made by debtor to vendors and other third parties.
  • Financial Advisor, Trustee, confidential: Provided financial advisory services to Trustee tracing cash proceeds from Debtors to domestic and foreign entities and accounts.
  • Financial Advisor, Debtor, confidential: Established consensual (between Debtor and Secured Lenders) cash budgets and monitoring of operations and cash resulting of 100% payback of lenders.
  • Financial Advisor, Debtor, confidential: Developed a restructuring plan with debt forgiveness for this failed business. Negotiated settlements with vendors and secured debt holders.
  • Claims Analysis for Chapter 11 Debtor: Prepared an analysis of international shipments from China and other Asian suppliers and determined the validity of the claim in this Chapter 11 matter for a consumer products company.
  • Rainbow Materials, Inc., Austin, Texas: Assisted a significant secured creditor with developing a plan to acquire ownership of secured assets and operations of a ready-mix company.
  • SRI Sports, Inc., Austin, Texas: Evaluated the strategic alternatives of a significant creditor in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of this turf and construction company.
Expert Witness and Forensic Auditing and Accounting
  • Forensic auditing and Expert Witness, confidential: Performed forensic auditing and accounting of fraud committed by Company CFO of estate with 100+ entities and 5 operating businesses. Prepared report of findings summarizing misappropriations.
  • Expert witness, involving contract dispute between parties, confidential: Designated as expert witness in dispute between parties involving payment obligations due from an earn-out agreement.
  • Expert Witness, Land Development Litigation, confidential: Provided expert witness testimony in the determination of damages and causes of action brought by investors against a land developer.
  • Expert Witness, Marital Divorce Proceedings, confidential: Provided expert witness testimony in the determination of appropriate distributions from a community property-owned business.
  • Expert Witness, Arbitration Proceedings, confidential: Provided expert witness testimony in the settlement of a dispute between an acquiring and a selling company related to the calculation of an earn-out provision in an Asset Purchase Agreement.
  • Auditor/Examiner, TK & AS Investments, Inc. vs. Al D. Sani vs. Hassan Kalantari, THA Investments, Inc., and THK Investments, Inc., District Court of Travis County, 98th Judicial District, Cause No. GN-300464: Appointed by the Court as an auditor/examiner to investigate and examine the financial accounts and records of multiple real estate partnerships in a dispute between two owners / partners.
  • Service Provider, confidential: Provided expert witness testimony in matter involving employee gross negligence and fraud.
Bankruptcy and State Court Fiduciary and Advisory
  • Financial Advisor, FFBC Operations, LLC and FFBC Real Estate, LLC (dba Celis Brewery) Chapter 11 Case No. 19-10869-hcm: Acted as financial advisor to Austin based craft brewery and tap room through Plan of Reorganization and recapitalization by new equity into the businesses.
  • Financial Advisor, Tajay Restaurants Inc. and Yummy Seafoods, LLC, Chapter 11, Case No. 19-70067: Acted as financial advisor to Texas based owner of Long John Silver franchisee through Plan of Reorganization and sale process.
  • Chief Restructuring Officer, Gabriel Holdings, LLC, Chapter 11 Case No. 19-52300-rbk: Acting as CRO, led San Antonio area packaged liquor store chain through successful sale and reorganization.
  • Ch 11 Trustee, Papa Grande Gourmet Foods, LLC and KHRL, Inc., Chapter 11 Case No. 19-05027-rbk: Appointed by the U.S. Trustee to oversee operations and the sale of this Mexican food processing and distribution company.
  • Chief Restructuring Officer, Williams Financial Group, Inc., et al, Chapter 11 Case No. 17-33578-hdh, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division: Appointed in this Ch. 11 filing to provide CRO duties for this broker dealer and investment advisor.
  • Chief Restructuring Officer, Buffets, LLC, Chapter 11 Case No. 16-50557-rbk, Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division: Appointed in this Ch. 11 filing to provide CRO duties for this group of debtor companies.
  • Financial Advisor and Trustee for the Liquidation Trust, Team Express Distributing, LLC, Debtor, Chapter 11 Case No. 15-5304-cag, Western District of Texas, San Antonio, Division: Appointed as financial advisor for the Unsecured Creditors Committee for this ecommerce sporting good company. Debtor successfully negotiated a sale of the business to a third-party operator and realized a return to the unsecured creditors.
  • Reporting Accountant (Examiner), Mark P. Hardwick, Debtor, Chapter 11 Case No. 15-10112-TMD, Western District of Texas, Austin, Division: Appointed in this E&P company Ch. 11 filing to perform forensic accounting and report to the Court on pre-petition and post-petition sources and uses of funds, including receipts of production payments and payments and well operators.
  • Chief Restructuring Officer, VPR Operating, LLC, Chapter 11 Case No. 13-10599-tmd, Western District of Texas, Austin Division: Appointed as a Chief Restructuring Officer in Chapter 11 proceeding for this E&P company. Negotiated DIP Financing facility; managed operating company during bankruptcy; and successfully sold assets through 363 proceeding.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Blue Matrix Labs, LLC, Chapter 11 Case No. 15-52977-rbk, Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division: Appointed as Chief Restructuring Officer in Chapter 11 proceeding for this consumer product company. Negotiated DIP Facility and managing company through Chapter 11 process.
  • Receiver, Austin Motor Imports, LLC, District Court of Travis County, 250th Judicial District, Cause No. D-1-GN-11-001608: Acted in capacity as Receiver for this privately held company in State Court litigation. Role included selling business assets; assuming control of business operations; soliciting offers and selling business assets; and dissolution of the business entity.
  • Chief Restructuring Officer, Valence Technologies, Inc., Chapter 11 Case No. 12-11580, Western District of Texas, Austin Division: Appointed by a Bankruptcy Court as a Chief Restructuring Officer in Chapter 11 proceeding.
  • Financial Advisor, Seda France, Inc., Debtor-in-Possession, Western District of Texas, Austin Division, Case No.10-12948-CAG: Provided financial advisory services to this consumer goods company and negotiated a settlement with creditors in a 4-month bankruptcy process.
  • Receiver, Corporate Receivership, IES Houston Resources, Inc. vs. WBK. L.P., District Court of Travis County, 261st Judicial District, Cause No. GN-08-003043: Responsible for administering estate, identifying, and liquidating assets and distribute proceeds in accordance with Court Order.
  • Chief Restructuring Officer, Gourmet Express, LLC, et all Debtors, Chapter 11 Case No. 07-52143, Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division: Responsibilities included overseeing the sale of the Company to third-party investors; evaluating litigation owned by the Company; reporting activities to the Court; and working with management during the Chapter 11 process.

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