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Christian M. Wolcott
Strategic Partner
Education & Qualifications
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business
Christian M. Wolcott
Strategic Partner

Christian is a management system expert and leadership coach. A true believer and practitioner in kaizen, having worked years with Masaaki Imai and Kaizen Institute, he has traveled globally building high performance teams in multiple business sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, government, justice, international finance, IT, and non-profit. His approach is respectful, honest, and exacting; the alignment of purpose and people, combined with the power within process, platforms, and projects. His clients discover strategic focus through pragmatic, tactical improvement for teams and systems to more effectively serve customers and build thriving cultures of excellence.

Representative Engagements
Diagnostic Services, Social Media

Facebook was having logistical and handling issues related to the transfer of materials and parts for developing new product. Exploring alternative methods was challenged with cost issues, delays and local bad press. Delays in material and  logistics were also impairing the development schedule, and problem was escalated to legal group. Worked with team to identify process changes and standards providing quality, legal methods that eliminated country by country issues with documentation needs, lading, certifications and registrations. Overall lead time was 75% faster than previous methods.

Management Systems, Heavy Industrial Casting

Privately-held Foundry was having performance problems related to daily output of castings. Cost, quality and scrap were of concern along with inconsistent use of standardized methods. Team engagement and daily management collaboration was also lacking which resulted in unplanned variances and high costs. Introduced client to LEAN model and deployed daily management system driven by KPIs to unite all tiers of management. Productivity impacts reported to be 10-15%.

Diagnostic Services, Commercial Banking

Capital One Bank was having performance and cost issues related to decommissioning of servers that had fallen years behind timelines and costs. Complex processes of migration, security protocols use of third-party groups, prioritization, authorizations, etc. led to various cycles of rework and delays. Identified process changes and automated system augmentations to provide for faster response time with increased levels of security. New (lead-time) was 77% faster than the previous methods. Cost avoidance was > $1M.